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Bee and Wasp Control

Wasp nestBees or wasps that make a nest near a home can cause serious problems for the occupants. The joy of spending time outdoors is quickly clouded when stinging pests buzz around, and some people even have reason to fear the sting of a bee or wasp because of a life-threatening allergy.

Dealing with Bees and Wasps in Virginia

Bees and wasps are stinging pests that can cause mild irritation and pain when stinging a person. Pain, swelling and itching associated with bee and wasp stings vary in severity based on the amount of venom that is injected during the sting.

Some people are allergic to these stings. While most people are not seriously at risk when being stung by one bee or wasp, multiple stings can result in serious symptoms and complications. Mild symptoms resulting from a bee or wasp sting include nausea or dizziness. More serious complications related to stings include fainting and anaphylaxis. People who experience anaphylaxis after being stung could die if they do not receive prompt medical treatment.

Homeowners are cautioned to leave bee and wasp nests alone. Disturbing a nest could anger the insects and prompt them to start stinging. While bees are only able to sting once, wasps can sting multiple times and have a reputation for being nasty. Contact a professional exterminator for help to avoid being stung.

Professional Pest Control For Bees and Wasps

Homeowners may attempt to use commercially-available chemical sprays or traps to get rid of bees and wasps, but these sprays are not effective at getting rid of the problem permanently. The risk of being stung by bees and wasps is another reason to contact a professional pest control company for help with stinging pest problems. Professional pest control companies have equipment that is specifically designed to be used to exterminate nests of stinging pests.

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