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Chesapeake Pest Control

Life along the beautiful Chesapeake Bay is grand ― except, of course, for the pests. Disease-carrying, food-devouring creatures that gain access to homes and workplaces can cause a variety of problems, and the following pests are particularly common here. 

termite subterraneanTermites

A termite has six legs, two short antennae, and a soft body that's divided into two segments. For part of its lifespan, it also has wings. What makes a termite instantly recognizable is its light color; in fact, many of these insects are semitranslucent.

Termites often leave their underground colonies to seek food inside homes. They enter buildings through cracks or by chewing through such wooden items as steps and posts. Once inside, they feast on wood and often cause extensive damage. Over time, they can even topple structures. 

Ant 10Ants

An ant's body contains three sections: The head and thorax are narrow, and the abdomen is bulbous. It also features two bent antennae, six legs, and two mouthparts resembling tiny claws. Ants are usually brown or black, but some can be red, yellow, or a mixture of colors. 

The Chesapeake Bay area is replete with the kind of soil in which ants thrive. Even so, these insects regularly enter houses to hunt for food, and they're adept at penetrating the smallest of openings. Plus, ants can locate ideal hiding spots inside window frames, walls, and foundations. Even worse, ants can contaminate food supplies, and some of them bite and sting humans. 

Rat a tat tatRats & Rodents

The typical rat has a long tail, multiple whiskers, and fur that's black, brown, or gray. Additionally, it possesses 16 teeth, including protruding incisors. Indeed, rats can chew through various construction materials to break into buildings, and these rodents frequently gain access through pipes and holes as well.

In most cases, rats only bite people if they feel threatened. Still, rodent bites can transmit disease, and people can likewise become ill after coming into contact with rat urine or saliva.

Mosquito 4Mosquitoes

A mosquito is a slim fly with comparatively long legs, antennae, a pointy mouthpart that looks like a hummingbird's beak, and four wings. Two of the wings are halteres; they're much shorter than the other two. 

Mosquitoes often inhabit lawns and shrubs. They lay eggs in pools of standing water, and they go into houses via open windows and doors, broken screens, and other gaps. In some cases, these insects can spread serious diseases like malaria and Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE). 

Contact Accel Pest & Termite Control

Perhaps you've noticed signs that rodents or insects have infiltrated your home or business. Or maybe you'd like to prevent such an infestation from happening in the first place. Either way, the most effective course of action is to contact Accel. The Accel team is always available to handle your pest control needs in a safe, professional, and affordable manner.