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Chesterfield Pest Control

Chesterfield County is a beautiful place to live. However, this part of Virginia can be bothered by a variety of pests. It is important to prevent homes and businesses from falling victim to insects common in this location.


Termites 2Termites have six legs and a semi-translucent color. Subterranean termites live beneath the ground and require moisture to survive. They infiltrate the walls of homes and can cause extreme structural damage. Since they like to hide, it may be difficult to detect an infestation before it is too late. Certain signs of a problem include small wood-colored droppings and mud tunnels.

Professional pest control companies can provide extermination services so that all problems are completely eliminated. They also teach homeowners how to prevent future issues. For example, it is vital to remove leaking pipes and other items that create a damp environment where termites thrive. It is wise to caulk cracks around a home's foundation as well. Also, it is advised to store firewood away from the home and remove yard debris.


Certain roaches measure over two-inches in length. They all have six legs and antennae. After they enter a home for food and warmth, these pests can become a nightmare. They find their way indoors through foundation cracks, vents, and pipes. Since these insects reproduce quickly, a small problem can turn into mass devastation without warning. Roaches are nocturnal creatures, so when one appears in the daytime, it may be a sign of overcrowding and a severe infestation.

Roaches can be a health hazard to a home's residents. They are known to carry diseases and to emit disgusting odors. Also, dead roaches and their droppings may aggravate allergies or cause asthma attacks.

Since cockroaches are excellent hiders, DIY treatments may be ineffective or difficult to apply. Also, a roach's eggs are not usually bothered by over-the-counter sprays. It is best to consult with pest experts who know how to efficiently eliminate problems.


spider 7Although spiders help homeowners by eating smaller insects, they are ugly creatures that may contain poison. If these creatures bite humans, severe allergic reactions or death may occur.

Generally, spiders live in dark and secluded areas. Signs of infestations include webs and burrows. Certain species thrive in damp environments, so it is essential to inspect basements, sheds, and other moist locations. Other species may hide in attics, walls, and ceilings. Since spiders lay hundreds of eggs at once, a small problem can grow quickly.

Professional spider control methods begin outside a home. Technicians look for places where spiders can enter a structure, including doors, windows, and other cracks. These professionals know how to safely remove problems and prevent future infestations.

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When you notice signs of a pest infestation around your Chesterfield home or business, it is vital to contact a professional company that will assess your property and eliminate all problems without hassle. Accel is always ready to attend to your pest control needs safely and effectively. To receive a free estimate, contact us today!