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Flea and Tick Control

Cat flea full of human bloodFleas and ticks are small parasites that feed on the blood of mammals. Although fleas don’t have wings, they do have extremely powerful hind legs and are able to jump as far as 13 feet. This ability allows them to easily move from host to host, and they can rapidly infest your pet and your home. Ticks don’t jump, but they often hide in tall grass and will latch onto you or your pets.

Signs of Fleas and Ticks in Your Virginia Home

Once inside your home, both pests can multiply quickly and hide in several places, including carpeting, clothing, furniture and small cracks in the walls. You may see fleas jumping on your pets, or you may notice your pets frequently scratching or biting themselves. Ticks are usually harder to find, and it may be especially difficult to locate any if your pet’s hair is long or dark.

Are Fleas and Ticks Harmful?

Both fleas and ticks can leave rashes or red welts on your body, and many people find that they have allergic reactions to flea and tick bites. In addition, both parasites are known to carry infectious diseases that can be harmful to humans and pets. In some cases, a red rash is a sign of Lyme disease.

Contact a Professional Pest Control Company

It can be difficult to get rid of these pests in your home. If you discover fleas or ticks on your pet, you should speak with your veterinarian regarding the best way to combat the problem. However, to completely eradicate a flea and tick infestation, it’s also necessary to treat your home and yard. To eliminate fleas and ticks from your home and prevent them from coming back, it’s best to contact a professional pest control company as soon as possible.