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Gloucester Pest Control

Pests are the one thing that can ruin the sanctity of your home. Bed bugs, termites and mosquitoes have been a problem since Gloucester County and Virginia's first colonies were founded in the 1600s. Modern advances haven't eliminated pests, but scientists have developed better ways to control nuisance species that invade local homes.

Bed Bugs

Bedbug 5Over the past 20 years, bed bugs have begun an aggressive resurgence. If you've never encountered them in the past, it's important to familiarize yourself with their appearance and habits. Bed bugs are less than one-quarter of an inch long. They are brown or reddish brown depending on how recently they have fed. Their bodies swell after they gorge on blood. During the day, you may find groups of bed bugs hiding in mattress seams and in other protected areas. Because bed bugs are adept at hiding in nearly inaccessible places, we use products that penetrate enclosed areas to target these parasitic insects and their eggs.


Subterranean termites are the biggest threat to homeowners in Gloucester County and the Virginia Beach metropolitan area. Because termites have a complex social system with workers, soldiers and reproductive alates, different members have drastically different appearances. Workers are white or ivory-colored, and they do most of the damage. Soldiers are darker and have a set of large pincers at the front of their head. During an infestation, alates are usually seen above ground first. These grayish-brown termites are equipped with two pairs of overlapping wings. If you see termite swarms or notice piles of dropped wings, you may have a serious termite problem.


Gloucester County's combination of coastal beaches and inland forests make it a popular spot to live. However, these conditions support a broad variety of mosquitoes, including the salt marsh mosquito and Asian tiger mosquito. Since the Asian tiger mosquito arrived in the 1980s, it's become the most pervasive species in Virginia. Males and females have long legs and large dark wings like most other mosquitoes, but they also have a series of white spots on the legs and body that make them easy to identify. These mosquitoes carry West Nile virus, dengue fever, yellow fever and encephalitis. Removing standing water and misting bushes are the most effective ways to eliminate these bloodsucking pests.

Don't let mosquitoes, termites or bed bugs ruin your peace of mind. No matter what pest is bothering you, Accel Pest & Termite Control is prepared to handle the problem using the most advanced and effective methods available. We even offer a full warranty on all of our services. Call us today to request a free quote.