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Rodent Exclusion and Rat Control

Rodents in a structure pose significant risks to both your family’s health and safety. Rats, mice, and even squirrels that have access to a structure tend to gnaw on wiring and pipes, damage insulation, and contaminate your home by introducing viruses and bacteria through their feces.

Our Professional State Certified inspectors thoroughly inspect your home by searching for and finding rodent access points, nesting sites, and damaged components. We inspect both the interior and exterior of your home, including crawlspaces, attics, and even roof lines. We then provide control and protect your property by offering the best quality exclusion available. We solve your rodent problem by eliminating it. 

Rat Control

Rats are common home pests that can be tough to exterminate. The creatures are smart and fast. They reproduce quickly, damage homes and transmit diseases. Therefore, it’s important to eliminate them.

About Rats in Virginia

grey rat closeup

Winter may bring rats into your home as they’ll be looking for shelter. However, the rodents also seek cover from adverse weather in woodpiles, garages and tool sheds. Keep in mind that the shape of their body lets them enter small cracks that may seem too small.

Rats have rodent instincts that make them leery of basic pest control measures like bait and traps. Also, they are likely to settle in your home’s attic or wall voids. They may even build nests underneath your porch, so their living location creates an elimination challenge.

Health Problems

When rats begin living in your home, they put your health at risk because they transmit rat-bite fever and typhus. Fleas and ticks frequently reside on rats, and the bugs may carry the bubonic plague and Lyme disease. Therefore, rats put you at risk of acquiring these deadly diseases.

Property Destruction

Rats are dangerous because they chew on and through your home’s interior elements such as your electrical wiring, wood beams and plumbing. If they chew through your home’s wiring, then a fire could start. Damaged wood sections may result in structure issues, and when they mutilate your plumbing, you could face water leaks. Rats also attack your home’s insulation, which will increase your heating and cooling costs.

A rat infestation can be dangerous and destructive, so if rats are currently residing in your home, then call us at Accel Pest & Termite Control for a free quote. Our exterminators will eliminate them, and once they do, you’ll feel comfortable living in your home again.

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