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Suffolk Pest Control

Suffolk is one of the most beautiful cities in Virginia and the Hampton Roads metropolitan area. It has charming historic areas and an exceptional location along the coast. However, pests lurk around every corner. If you visit a local park, you may encounter fleas and ticks. If you're buying a house or preparing to remodel, you may be surprised that termites are more at home than you are. Fortunately, Accel Pest & Termite Control provides comprehensive extermination services to keep your Suffolk home free from these nuisance pests.


Termites 7The eastern subterranean termite is the most common species found in Virginia and the United States. These ruthless pests can cause catastrophic structural damage without being seen. One colony can have more than a million members that survive by eating lumber, rotten wood and other plant-based materials. They emerge from the ground and forage for food in humid locations. If your home has a moisture problem or structural vulnerabilities, you're more likely to experience an infestation. Fortunately, effective baiting systems and termiticides are now available. If you're preparing to purchase a home in Suffolk or Hampton Roads, we can perform comprehensive termite inspections to protect your investment.


If you own pets or enjoy spending time outdoors, you should never underestimate the tenacity of fleas. Although there are more than 200 flea species in North America, it only takes a few individuals to create a serious infestation in your home. From the jumping and hopping to the itchy bites, fleas can make you and your pets miserable. Plus, they breed rapidly and have a well-timed lifecycle that allows eggs to escape many conventional treatments. That's why our team uses effective insecticides and insect growth regulators to control adult fleas as well as eggs and larvae.


Ticks are one of the most fearsome pests that are active today. According to the Virginia Cooperative Extension, lone star ticks, brown ticks, deer ticks and American dog ticks, also called wood ticks, are the most common species found in Virginia. Deer ticks are notorious for transmitting Lyme disease. The lesser-known lone star tick transmits a serious condition called delayed-onset mammalian meat allergy, which causes life-threatening reactions to beef, pork and other animal products. Ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and babesiosis are also transmitted by ticks. Whether you live in a suburban area or have a large wooded yard, ticks can be controlled with long-lasting outdoor treatments.

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If you're plagued by fleas, ticks or termites, call Accel Pest & Termite Control at 757-353-4475. We use effective and efficient pest control methods to manage all common pests. We'll be happy to provide a free quote for termite removal, outdoor tick treatments, flea extermination and other pest management services.