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Virginia Beach Pest Control

termites 4Termites are winged creatures that swarm around your windows and doors before they find a way to enter. Once they do, they get to work feeding on the wood sources of your house. They come into your home through tears in the screens or when you open your doors. They are highly attracted to light sources. 

Termites strike fear into homeowners because they are highly destructive insects that can seriously weaken your home. If it sounds hollow when you knock on your home’s wood surfaces, the reason may be that termites have been feeding on the inside of the wood. 

Ants are another problem that homeowners dislike. In most instances, these pests are only a nuisance that is difficult to eliminate. However, carpenter ants are something like termites because they are also very destructive to wood sources even though they are not eating it. Carpenter ants search for wood sources that are damp or decaying so that they can easily dig tunnels. This gives them a place to build nests and reproduce the next generation. These nuisances are so small that they find their way into your home through the cracks. 

You will be able to recognize that you have a carpenter ant infestation by examining any wood shavings that you find around your home. If these shavings are mixed with dead ants, these are very likely to be carpenter ants. 

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Termites and ants are too destructive for you to deal with on your own. It’s imperative that you contact us at Accel Pest and Termite Control for a free quote because the best way to make sure that you are rid of these pests is to have the professionals eliminate them for you.